Mountain Bike

  • Front Suspension

    Basic, reliable and efficient this front suspension trail bike is a great option for riding the river trail or introductory single track.

    Rates From:
    $45/Half Day

  • Full Suspension

    This performance, dual suspension mtn bike is perfect for Telluride's spectacular cross country trails.

    Rates From:
    $55/Half Day

  • Demo Mountain Bike

    Our TOP OF THE LINE Mountain Bikes from Specialized and Pivot.

    Rates From:

  • Downhill

    The Giant Glory is a true pure blooded dowhill bike, with 8" of travel. This demo includes full face helmet and protection.

    Rates From:

  • Hut to Hut Touring Bike

    This Front Suspension bike equipped with a rack and pannier is a great option for touring long distances on dirt roads and single track.

    Rates From: